Archies Footwear has pretty high standards when it comes to comfort, and typical flat thongs just weren’t up to scratch… 

I remember way back in the mid 2000s my siblings trying to convince me to buy a pair of Havaianas. I couldn’t imagine any pair of double pluggers being worth $20, I didn’t care how comfortable they said they were. Then one day, walking down the Queen St Mall, my shoes broke. Right outside City Beach. So in I went, and bought a pair of Havaianas.

That one pair of thongs lasted me 10 years and 3 overseas trips. I was a convert! If there was no need for me to wear enclosed shoes, I’d wear Havaianas. Of course, as a Physiotherapist, I knew in theory I should have been wearing more supportive shoes, but Havaianas were so comfy!!

And then along came Archies. Thongs with arch support, a moulded heel cup and a tighter strap. The skeptic in me came to the fore. Surely they couldn’t be that different to my old faithfuls?

A tried a pair. They were OK. Felt a bit different but not amazing.

The next day I put my Havaianas on again and something felt wrong. They no longer felt right. It couldn’t be!! I waited a few more days, tried them on again. I was devastated. They felt ordinary.
I went back to work & put the Archies on again. NOW they felt amazing.

So, like always, if I don’t need to be in enclosed shoes, I’m wearing thongs – Archies thongs – and I don’t have to feel as guilty about not practicing what I preach!!

Archies Thongs come in a range of colours & start at size 5. Come down to the clinic & try a pair. Be sure to get reception to check the fit to make sure all the support features are supporting the correct parts of your foot. And enjoy walking around this summer in supportive, stylish Podiatrist designed thongs!

What’s more, they’re the perfect stocking filler…

Check out their Instagram!

Thanks for reading 🙂
Sue McLean


To get yourself (or loved one) a pair of Archies Thongs, email the office to arrange your size and colour to be put aside for you. For Physiotherapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Pilates, call the lovely ladies at reception on 3869 1099 to book an appointment, or simply book online