Are you suffering from aches and pains that are prohibiting your ability to move and need relief?

We treat a wide range of conditions relating to pain management. Pain management such as medication will only give you temporary relief. Our goal is to address your pain with a long-term solution that improves your quality of life and has you moving pain free!

Our Pain Relief Services Include

Whether you need Physiotherapy, Acupuncture or Massage, our highly-qualified and experienced staff will give you an individual treatment that is ‘hands on’ and delivers results that allow you to move pain free.

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Tips to Improve your Bad Posture Habits

Tips to Improve your Bad Posture Habits

It’s a great time of year to take a moment and look around your office, classroom or house to pick up on some bad posture habits.  Do you see adults and children hunched over their ipads or phones, leaning on their desk, or sitting for hours with no breaks? Take an...

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60 Seconds with our new Physio Kristin!

60 Seconds with our new Physio Kristin!

We are very excited to welcome our new Physiotherapist / Pilates Instructor, Kristin!  Get to know her by reading our interview below. Kristin graduated from the Australian Catholic University and is really looking forward to getting started on January 17th and you...

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