Pilates services to help you with Pre and Post Natal care

We offer 2 Pilates classes designed specifically for the mum to be and for those women who have recently welcomed a new addition to their family. The classes have more of a focus on preparing the body for carrying the baby, child birth and for the rigours of looking after your new bundle of joy!

Pre-Class Assessments are required before joining our Mums N Bubs class and are designed to assess how your body is recovering after you’ve had your baby and if it is safe for you to join our class. Childbirth, regardless of the delivery style, can have a profound effect on your body, therefore it is necessary that you are properly assessed, even if you have previously attended any of our Pilates classes.

Class Focus:

  • Back care during and after the pregnancy
  • Maintaining and training core strength
  • Postural awareness and strenthening
  • Training pelvic floor
  • Flexibility
  • Preparation for childbirth
  • Preparation for the post natal period


Our Timetable:

Wednesday: 11am (Mums N Bubs),
Friday: 10.30am (Mums N Bubs),
Saturday: 9:45am (Pregnancy)
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Our Fees:

Mums N Bubs
45 minute class
……….. $25 casual visit
Block of 10 classes ……….. $225

Pregnancy (Lifestyle or Clinical)
60 minute class
……….. $22 – $25 casual visit
Block of 10 classes ……….. $200 – $225

Pregnancy Package

5 x Pregnancy Pilates Classes
1 x 45min Pregnancy Massage
FOR ONLY $150 – SAVE $35!