The Reformer, Trapeze and Wunda Chair are traditional Pilates apparatus used to help facilitate correct muscle patterns as well as increase muscle flexibility & strength.

The beauty of Pilates Equipment is its suitability for everyone from the elderly who cannot
get up or down off the floor to high level athletes that need to be pushed that extra mile.
Patients can choose to enjoy the benefits of exercising using the Pilates Equipment in either
a class format or individually.

For our Clinical classes or to use the Equipment individually, one of our Pilates trained
Physiotherapists conduct a thorough assessment before constructing a personalised
program to help you achieve your goal.
Lifestyle patients can attend any Lifestyle Equipment Classes. 

Our Fees:

Lifestyle Equipment
60 minute class
……….. $28 casual visit
Block of 10 classes ……….. $260

Clinical Equipment
45 minute class
……….. $36 casual visit
Block of 10 classes ……….. $325

Independent Equipment Session ……….. $12 casual visit
Block of 5 classes ……….. $50

*Fees are valid until June 2024.

Equipment Pilates

Achieve pain free movement and improve fitness!
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