Focus on challenging the body systems that control balance and improving flexibility and strength.

Falls are the most common cause of hospitalisation in persons over 65yrs of age and are often caused by poor balance, weakness of muscles, stiff joints, slow reaction time, tiredness, dizziness, weakening eyesight, and hazards about the home.

Whilst a lot of people think that falls are a normal part of getting old, we know otherwise. Balance can be improved with Physiotherapy by focusing on improving ankle flexibility, increasing lower limb strength and challenging the body systems that control balance. Strengthening exercises reduce the risk of falls and the likelihood of fractures.

Class Information-

  • Classes run for 45 minutes
  • Classes limited to 5 people
  • Balance assessment conducted prior to joining the class so exercises can be individualised
  • Classes include- Walking, stepping, reaching, endurance, education, safety
  • Wear loose fitting, light weight clothing and an enclosed heel and non slip sole
  • Where required, wear spectacles not reading glasses
  • Bring any walking aids you may require
  • Bring along any preventative medication like – Inhalers, Epi-pens, GT spray


Our Timetable –

Tuesday – 11:15am and 12:15pm

Thursday – 11:00am

Friday – 11:00am

Our Fees –

Step Safe Balance class (45 mins)-  $17 class

*Fees are valid until December 2024.

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