We specialise in services for the recreational cyclist

Passionate about cycling? So are we! In fact when we’re not cycling we’re promoting cycling as the ideal exercise for people of all ages. If you’re experiencing a physical problem that is cycle related, it makes sense to seek the advice from a health care professional who understands the unique problems cyclists face.

Cycle and Bike Fit Services:

  • Cycle specific Physiotherapy treatment and advice
  • Cycle specific Sports massage
  • Bike fit
  • Pilates for core fitness
  • Guided bike tours for recreational riders


Bike Fit

Whether you ride just on the weekend or train several times per week, you should be comfortable on your bike! If your bicycle doesn’t fit you properly then you are probably feeling pain and a variety of symptoms from saddle sores and muscle cramping, to foot/hand pain and numbness, all caused by your body trying to adjust to a bike that’s not right for you.

A professional Bike Fit session will actually improve your pedalling efficiency and make you faster, helping you reach your cycling goals and keeping you free from pain and injury!

Full bike fit ………….. $222
(Allow up to 2 hours)

Short bike fit ………… $170
(Allow up to 1 hour)

Book a Bike Fit!

Reach your cycling goals with a professional Bike Fit
with our Cycling enthusiasts



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Tom Carson and Neil Whillans – Cycle and Bike Fit

Tom & Neil have a wealth of clinical experience between them and have worked together
for more than 20 years. Since graduating both Tom and Neil have furthered their training
and qualifications in the areas of biomechanics and treatment of cyclists. When they’re not
treating patients or spending time with their families you’ll find them cycling. Both have
been passionate road cyclists for many years, averaging about 200km each week.
Please contact reception to book your Bike Fit session and one of our friendly
Physiotherapists will call you personally to discuss your appointment and what is required.


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