We offer Physiotherapy, Pilates and Massage services to help you through the before, during and after stages of having a baby.


Our women’s health Physiotherapy services consist of discreet and thorough assessment and treatment of:

  • All forms of incontinence
  • Pre and post natal pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Over active bladder
  • Bowel dysfunction including constipation and obstructed defaecation
  • Pelvic pain including Painful Bladder Syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis and
  • Female sexual dysfunction (including Dyspareunia and Vaginismus)
  • Advice and guidance to safely return to exercise after child birth


Our Women’s Health Services Include

Women’s Health

Services to guide you through all stages of life, including:
Pelvic Health Physio, Pregnancy Pilates and Massage and
Mums n Bubs Pilates Classes.



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