Are you suffering from a sports related injury and are needing treatment and relief?

We can all agree that sport is a huge part of the Australian lifestyle. Not only is it fun, but it promotes good health and acts as a stress relief for many. The downside to sport is that from time to time, injuries occur. At Sandgate Physical Health Clinic, we can return you to our best level of function after an injury.

Our Sports Injury Services Include:

Whether you need Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage or Pilates, our highly-qualified and experienced staff will give you an individual treatment that is ‘hands on’ and delivers results that allow you to move pain free.

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Common Sports Injuries Include:

  • Heel Pain
  • Shin Pain
  • Calf Strains
  • Bruises/Contusions
    • Hamstring Strains
    • Shoulder Instability
    • Ankle Sprain
    • Knee Injuries
    • Tendon Injuries
    • Quadriceps Strains
    • Hip Injuries
    • Groin Pain
    • Ligament or Joint Injuries
    • Fractures
    • Dislocations
    • Over-use Injuries


Update on Coronavirus

Update on Coronavirus

UPDATE 11TH AUGUST 2020 We are still following Covid social distancing and hygiene measures. If the waiting area is full when you arrive for an appointment or class, there is overflow seating near the reformer OR we may ask you to wait outside. There is hand sanitiser...

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Brunch Recipe – Shakshuka

Brunch Recipe – Shakshuka

No doubt you have already seen Shakshuka on the menu at one of your favourite cafes or maybe it has already made it to the top of your go-to brunch favourite (sorry bacon and eggs).  What you may not have discovered yet is just how incredibly quick, easy...

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Tradies National Health Month – How Physio can Help!

Tradies National Health Month – How Physio can Help!

August is Tradies National Health Month. Tradies National Health Month raises awareness of the health and injury risks affecting those who work in trade occupations including tradies themselves, their families, employers and the wider community. Statistics show that...

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