The goal of Physiotherapy is to provide pain relief, restore function and increase movement following injury.


The Physiotherapists at Sandgate Physical Health Clinic are well known throughout the Northside of Brisbane for their ‘hands on’ approach to treatment. Our goal is to enhance, restore and maintain the quality of life that can only be achieved through pain free physical movement.

Our Physiotherapists primarily use physical treatment such as joint mobilisation and other soft tissue techniques during treatment. As an adjunct to our high level of manual skills we also use therapeutic exercise and equipment such as ultrasound, to achieve optimum results.


Your First Appointment:

Your initial visit will include a thorough examination of your condition, including some specialised testing to give your Physiotherapist an accurate indication of the cause of your problem. Your Physiotherapist will discuss these findings with you and plan and implement a treatment that is individual to your needs and lifestyle.


Our Physiotherapy Services Include:

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Dance Physio

We help dancers prevent injuries, recover from injuries, and offer assessments, screenings and pilates.

General Physio

Our physiotherapists treat a wide range of conditions with a physical and ‘hands on’ approach to treatment.

Hydrotherapy Physio

Hydrotherapy in a heated pool minimises the stress on the muscles and joints, allowing normal and pain free movement.

Pelvic Floor Physio

Incontinence affects 1 in 4 Australians of all ages, our Physiotherapists provide treatments that manage and cure incontinence.

Sports Physio

We help athletes recover from sporting injuries, and provide education and resources to prevent problems.

Safe Step Balance

We provide classes that focus on challenging the body systems that control balance and improving flexibility and strength.

Running Assessments

It is important to ensure that you are following all the right advice to help maximise your training efforts and minimise any injuries.

NDIS Physio

Depending on each recipient’s needs, our team can provide a combination of the services below to help achieve the individual’s goals as set out in their NDIS Plan

Our Physiotherapists Treat a Wide Range of Conditions:

  • Aquatic Physio
  • Dance
  • Balance
  • Bike Fits
  • Hand & Wrist Injuries
  • Whiplash
    • Women’s Health
    • Reformer
    • Back & Neck Pain
    • Sciatic Pain
    • Rehab after surgery
    • Arthritis
    • Sports Injuries
    • Muscle Strains
    • Pregnancy Back Pain
    • Shoulder Pain
    • Knee Replacement
    • Hip Replacement
    • Elbow Injuries
    • Knee Pain
    • Head Aches
    • Ankle Sprains
    • Children’s Injuries
    • Work Injuries


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