March 2nd was a bit of a sad day here at SPHC with one of our legends, Peter, working his last day.

Since Pete starting here at SPHC back in 2009, we knew in more ways than one that we had been blessed with someone rather unique! From making up his own songs to sing out loud as he went about the mundane to falsely letting his Friday patients believe there was such as thing as “Elbow Free Friday”, he brought a smile to everyone’s face, unless of course it was your first time being introduced to Mr Elbow, then it was probably more of a grimace!

Pete cultivated quite the following over his years here with many of his regulars making the most of his last weeks. I do believe there are even a few who remarked that Chinchilla ‘wasn’t that far’ to go to get their next fix!

Pete was a very kind and thoughtful team member. We’ll miss the little Christmas chocolates in our in trays and the little trinkets we’d find from Pete after trips to Thailand and Bali. As one last gesture, Pete made sure we all got our annual Easter Eggs before he finished up. Pete was always first to lend a hand setting up work BBQs, Melbourne Cup luncheons, moving furniture in the clinic, loaning us marquees, eskies, his ute – you name it!

Pete’s last day was an emotional one, with a few tears being shed. Already the clinic isn’t quite the same!!

We wish Pete all the best for his next adventures.