We’d like to give a big congratulations to Neil Whillans who celebrated 20 years at SPHC!

Neil first started with us on the 1st of February 2000 and since then has become a valued member of the SPHC team and around the Sandgate community. Neil started working full time as an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist in 1995, after becoming a Fellow at AACMA. He is also certified in Clinical Pilates from the Pilates Institute of Queensland. He has an extensive history of providing comprehensive Acupuncture and Massage Therapy treatments full time with a focus on musculoskeletal injuries.

As an experienced Acupuncturist Neil has been hugely popular at Sandgate Physical Health Clinic and beyond, here’s a brief overview of his achievements:

  • Over 25 years experience as an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist
  • Over 20 years at Sandgate Physical Health Clinic
  • Over 11 years teaching Pilates
  • Worked with Olympic level athletes and professional sporting teams including Brisbane Broncos and Brisbane Lions.

Our 20 Year Q & A with Neil…
1. Biggest Achievement at SPHC over the last 20 years?
a – Maintaining my sanity
b – Not getting injured at work ‘team building’ days activities

2. Funniest moment/memory?
The look on my Pilates Class participants’ faces when I turned up at the Easter class dressed as a Pink Bunny….Kay is our resident ‘Costume Queen’ now

3. Where do you see yourself in 20 years time?
Hopefully riding my bike across the Ted Smout Bridge without an electric motor!

After 20 Years, what can we say…
“Far out, you really are old. Thanks for putting me back together every week. You’re a little bit awesome…..oh ok maybe a lot awesome. Congrats 20 years is a big deal.” Jodi Abraham

“Wow has it been twenty years that you’ve been torturing aka treating me and me giving you backchat and laughs??? Congratulations and I do admire your tenacity to think outside the square when it comes to treating ailments!” Raewyn Owen

“Congratulations. I am happy to have found this amazing therapist to assist me in my physical health journey. Class clown. Holder of wealth of knowledge on many subjects. A capacity to inflict significant levels of pain whilst making you laugh and providing a caring environment that helps to heal in more ways than just physical healing.” Karen Lesley

As a keen cyclist, we think the number of patients Neil has treated over the 20 years is well and truly surpassed by the number of hours he & Tom have spent cycling together over the years!

Neil continues to be an important member of our team and we sincerely thank him, not just for 20 years of service, but 20 years of support to our clients and staff and 20 years of countless hours spent mentoring other therapists to develop their skills and beliefs.


If you would like to book in with the one and only, for Acupuncture, Massage or Pilates, you can call the clinic on 38691099 or Book Online.