Are you working from home? Do you find yourself sitting in the same position for most of the day? Do you suffer from neck or back pain throughout the day?

Here are some tips and advice on how to set up your workstation appropriately.

Let’s start with an activity – Can you tell what’s wrong with Emily’s posture and work set up?

No? Read through our tips and advice for setting up an ergonomic work environment and try again. You will find the answers at the bottom of the blog. No cheating!

Tips and Advice for Setting Up Your Workstation

-Your chair should be supportive and appropriate for you. It should be at a height where your feet comfortably reach the floor – if your chair doesn’t allow this, try putting a step under your feet.
-It should also support your natural spinal curves – if you have a fancy chair that does this – great! If not, try rolling up a towel and placing it behind your lower back.
-Your chair should be close enough to the desk that your torso is almost touching it. If you’re too far back you’ll have to hunch forward to reach the desk– that’s not ideal!

-You should aim to use a desk that is tall enough that you can comfortably rest your forearms on it without your shoulders hitching upwards or downwards.
-Make sure that the equipment you need is all within arm’s reach. You shouldn’t be repetitively moving to reach equipment in awkward positions.

-The computer screen should be at a height where your eye line is horizontal, rather than looking up or down towards the screen. You can raise the height of your laptop by placing textbooks underneath it, or using a laptop stand.
-If you have the option to, try a blue light setting on your computer – this will reduce the strain on your eyes which can lead to headaches.

-There is no ‘ideal’ posture, however some positions are better to be in than others. Generally, your back will be at it’s happiest when the natural curves are maintained. However, even if you have this posture, if you stay like that for >30 minutes, you’ll likely get a sore back.
-The spine is a dynamic set of joints – it’s made to move! So, try to get up and do some exercises every 30-60 minutes. Check out our latest videofor some stretch ideas!

Did You Spot It?
Lastly, here’s what’s wrong with Emily’s posture. Did you get it right?

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