A TeleHealth consultation is a regular Physio consultation, conducted online using video conferencing technology.

If you are unable to come into the Clinic, or have us visit you at your home, we highly recommend you book a TeleHealth Appointment instead of leaving your treatment altogether and allowing your symptoms to get progressively worse.

Evidence indicates that many conditions respond just as well to a telehealth consultation as they do with a face to face consultations, depending on the condition and stage of rehabilitation. Therapists have seen considerable success in recent times, using this method in remote areas of Australia.

After booking your TeleHealth appointment, you will be sent an email prompting you to download the Zoom platform, and ideally have the consultation via a home computer with a webcam or tablet. Although you can use your phone if necessary. Please ensure you prepare for this appointment well in advance so you have time to test it is working well. Payment will be required prior to the Consultation and we will call you to take a credit card over the phone.

During your Consultation, the physio will take a verbal history as usual and then will ask you to demonstrate different movements or activities so they can try to assess where the problem might be and what structures might be contributing.

Treatment involves the Physio directing you in some self treatment techniques or might advise on how a family member could assist. They will provide professional advice and prescribe exercises to assist with recovery.

To book please call the clinic on 38691099 or book online.