Learn how to use your pillow to get a better night’s sleep on your back or side…  


There are some important points to consider when arranging the pillows in order to sleep on your back. Generally, with most people, one averagely filled pillow is enough as long as your head is in a neutral position. Imagine standing with a good posture with your chin tucked in and standing tall and then transfer this to a lying position. That is what we call a neutral position. Usually 2 pillows are too many as your chin would be forced forwards and a flat pillow would let your head drop back too much.

The second point is to make sure the gap between your shoulders and head is filled in. You could consider layering a towel and placing this around your shoulders on top of the pillow.

When choosing a pillow if you are a side sleeper, you want to make sure the pillow is as thick as the ear to the outer shoulder. Your pillow can be slightly firmer than that of the back or tummy sleeper to ensure your head doesn’t sink into the pillow. When sleeping on your side, you can curl up with your pillow and tuck the chin in a little. This will help to avoid the head tilting back during the night which can cause neck pain and encourages mouth breathing.

One thick pillow is usually enough or you can have two thin pillows arranged so all gaps are filled and your head remains supported.

Children tend to not require a pillow until their shoulder width increases to wider than their head, then a thin pillow will be sufficient.

We stock The Starwell pillows at Sandgate Physical Health Clinic. The ‘Soft’ is our most popular and is thick and a little fluffy. The ‘Firm’ is thinner and doesn’t compress as much as the ‘Soft’ when you rest your head on it. The Soft is $30, the Firm is $35.


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