Christmas time, for some, can mean over indulgence and adding a few extra kilos…  

Of course it is a time to relax and give yourself a break, but it’s also important to keep up with your health goals that you worked so hard to maintain all year. 

We have put together 8 holiday survival tips to help you avoid that 2nd or 3rd helping and stay healthy and fit over the festive season.

1. Go into the season with healthy mindset

Go into the holiday season with a healthy and active mindset. Include lots of rest and relaxation, along with exercise and healthy meal options.

2. Set realistic goals

Focus on maintenance instead of improvement.  If it is unlikely you’ll be able to stick to your regular routine, set some realistic goals and don’t give yourself a hard time about it!

3. Keep moving

Get the whole family involved in some exercise regularly throughout the week.  It’s a great time to teach them a new sport or activity and about keeping a healthy balance in your life.

4. Eat a healthy light snack before an event

A way to avoid overeating is to eat a nutritious snack or meal before you attend an event.  If you leave home hungry, you are much more likely to eat something unhealthy and too much of it!

5. Choose a lighter meal option when eating out

When eating out, choose a lighter option every now and again and your body will love you for it. Also if taking a dish to an event, try to take a lighter salad or other healthier option to share.

6. Ensure portion sizes are appropriate

Keep portion sizes under control.  Choose a smaller sized plate and choose to treat yourself every now and again.

7. Choose Healthy drink options

When on holiday, it can be easy to forget about drinking water.  Keep up with your regular daily water intake so you stay hydrated, especially during our hot summer.  There are a variety of healthier mixes and alcoholic drinks you can try, and of course drink in moderation.

8. Get enough rest

Use this time to rest, relax and catch up on some sleep. This will refuel your body and mind and maintain your energy levels needed for our busy lives.  

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the team at SPHC!