Jane completed her Masters in Physiotherapy Studies in 2009 having
been a Health and Physical Education, Maths and Science teacher for 8 years. It is both
her passion for teaching and the health sciences that led her into physiotherapy. Jane’s
understanding of persistent pain conditions consistently helps achieve optimal results for
her patients. Jane has developed extensive experience in treating a vast variety of
women’s health conditions. Her knowledge and empathetic understanding of both pain
and women’s health disciplines enables Jane to provide an integrated approach to pelvic
floor dysfunction, lower back and hip pain. She has a keen interest in running related
injuries and has been conducting Running Assessment Clinics for 5 years. Jane loves to
help clients achieve their goals and take control of their bodies.



  • Over 10 years as a Physiotherapist
  • Over 6 years experience working in Women’s Health


  • Masters in Physiotherapy Studies, University of Queensland 2009
  • Bachelor of Applied Science/Bachelor of Education, QUT, 1999
  • Level 2 Recreational Running coach