Self care is all about taking the time to do things that help you live well.

It is one of the most important ways we can protect our physical, mental and emotional health, especially in more recent times, with stress and anxiety levels on the increase.

To help your friends and family improve and focus on their self care, why not give a healthy gift to help them de-stress and unwind.

Here are 8 healthy gift ideas from the SPHC team!

8 Healthy Gift Ideas

  1. Insulated Tumbler or Water Bottle-Nutrition is self care and hydration is key. A hot beverage container or mug is a great gift for those that love a warm and comforting cuppa through the day, and water bottles are one of the most popular items for all ages.
  2. Experience or Fitness Lesson – Encourage your friends to get active and try something new! Stand up paddle board, Surfing, Rally Car Driving, Yoga, Personal Training session or Pilates are just some of the many options available.
  3. Journal – A journal can be really effective in decreasing mental distress and increasing well being. Use it as a self improvement and motivation tool, or a calming daily habit by getting your thoughts out onto paper.
  4. Foot Therapy Kit – Pampering yourself helps reduce stress and therefore lower the risk factors for most chronic diseases. Your feet are constantly under so much stress, so using an aromatherapy pack will help you relax and unwind at the end of a long day.
  5. Massage Gun or Manual Massage Tool – Tight muscles lead to stress and tension, and vice versa! Stop the vicious cycle in its tracks, by using a massager as often as possible. Not only will it relax you, it will help improve more serious issues or muscle imbalances that you may not yet be aware of.
  6. Plant – Tending to plants allows us to tune into a living thing’s needs which becomes quite an engaging and meditative practice. Nurturing a plant and watching it grow, has calming effects and can reduce stress levels and anxiety.
  7. Candles – Both men and women can fully appreciate the calming effects of candles. So many relaxing and calming fragrances to choose from, however Lavender is a favourite here at SPHC!
  8. Fitness Accessories – Whether it’s a foam roller, yoga mat, new runners or fitness tracker, fitness products encourage activity, which is always a good thing! You can also find a product to suit any budget!

Healthy Gift Ideas from SPHC!

Feel free to pop into SPHC to browse our range of products. Whether you’re buying for a Pilates geek, a friend recovering from an injury, or a family member just wanting a better night’s sleep, we have a great range of products to choose from! We also have gift vouchers for the ultimate gift of massage!

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