Welcome back to our patient App recommendation series!

To successfully treat many of the conditions we see here at Sandgate Physical Health Clinic, we require patients to either do exercises at home and or to make lifestyle changes. While motivation may initially be high, from research we know that it’s not motivation that helps with long term lifestyle changes but forming good habits. This is where an App like HabitBull is perfect.

HabitBull allows you to set reminders and goals for habits you’d like to change. For instance, you may set a goal to do your physio exercises every day for 60 days. You can set up to 5 habits with the free version, so with Easter upon us, you could also set a goal of having 3 chocolate free days per week to help with overindulging. Not that anyone here would be guilty of that!! You can colour code your habits and divide them into categories such as Health & Fitness, Self Improvement or Money.

You can set up notifications and reminders, so there’s none of this “I forgot” excuse. When you successfully complete each habit for each day, you simply record it on the inbuilt calendar for HabitBull for it to keep track for you.

HabitBull is easy to use and a fairly simple way to help set goals and keep on track. The free version is ample for those just beginning to try and make small, achievable daily goals without feeling overwhelmed. There is the option to upgrade to Premium and Yearly Subscriptions for those keen to have up to 100 habits and to be able to do in-depth analysis of their progress.

What we like about HabitBull: The notifications to remind patients to do their exercises!!

What we don’t like about HabitBull: It can be a little too easy to accidentally record one of your habits when you haven’t actually completed in by touching the wrong part of the screen. It can be undone though.

Last word: If you are serious about keeping up positive lifestyle changes whether it be exercises, diet, mindfulness setting up good habits and sticking to them is a must. HabitBull is an easy to use, free way to keep you accountable. Good luck!

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