Every April we celebrate “April NO FALLS Day”, a day that celebrates everything physiotherapists and other allied health professionals can do to help our ageing population stay on their feet. To coincide with April NO FALLS Month, we thought we’d make our 1st App review all about preventing falls.

Introducing “Clock Yourself”

Clock Yourself was developed by a local Brisbane Physiotherapist passionate about preventing falls in the ageing population. The uses of this App extend far beyond that age group though and here at SPHC our therapists recommend Clock Yourself to many patients, including those recovering from ankle, foot & knee injuries.

Clock Yourself is a simple, intuitive, easy for EVERYONE to use App to help retrain and maintain our ability to step quickly to stop ourselves from falling. Whether you’re an 85 year old navigating the shops or a 15 year old trying to get around your opponents on a football field, you need to be able to step forwards, backwards or sideways quickly while staying on your feet.

The basic exercise in Clock Yourself goes like this: you stand up and imagine you’re in the centre of a clock face with the 12 straight ahead, 6 straight behind, 3 straight to your right, 9 to your left and so forth. Once you press start, a number is called and as quickly as you can, you step to that number on the clock face! Easy!! Once you get the basics you can alter the speed, the duration, you can add arm movements, you can even change the language to add an extra mental challenge. There are 5 levels and different options within each level making it modifiable to suit all ages and ability levels. If you’re reading this thinking it sounds too easy – we challenge you to complete 60secs of the Cardio Level!!
We use Clock Yourself in our Step Safe Balance and Falls Prevention Classes as well as a warm up in some of our Pilates & Clinical Physiotherapy Classes. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see how beneficial this App is for everyone.

What we love about Clock Yourself: Everything! It’s simple to use, appropriate for all ages and abilities. Great health investment.
What we don’t love about Clock Yourself: Nothing. This one’s a no-brainer!

Clock Yourself is available from both Google Play ($2.99) and the Apple AppStore ($1.99).

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