2019 is seventh year that our SPHC Physiotherapists will proudly be involved with Sports Screenings for Sports Excellence Students at Sandgate District State High School.

This year our Physios Jess, Nicole and Jack will screen over 220 teenagers over 3 weeks!

We will be screening for joint restrictions and functional muscle deficits that could potentially lead to injury. Our Physios will give the teenagers exercises specific to the findings to help address any areas of concern. SPHC will also do some sessions with the teachers so they can help the students work on their exercises as part of their sports lessons throughout the year.


Students that require physio treatment during the year will also receive a great discount when they attend SPHC.

Our Physios are excited to continue our work around the community, helping reduce injuries in teenagers playing sport across Sandgate and beyond.

If you require Physiotherapy or more information on these screening for your teenager, please contact the clinic on 3869 1099 or book online.