We’re starting the year off on the right foot at SPHC by all participating in a “detox” month at the clinic! For the month of February, all of the staff will be making conscious (and successful!) efforts to cut out chocolate, treats and other snacks in the clinic.

Check out some of the great Summer smoothies that the staff will be making throughout the detox month – yummy recipes to deter those sweet cravings while also being absolutely packed with nutrition!


SIMONE: Frozen Acai, mixed berries, frozen mango, coconut water, baby spinach leaves.


JACK: Nothing too adventurous…banana, frozen berries, natural yoghurt and milk No greenery.


TRINA: Green Smoothie as per Jamie Oliver: Spinach (or Kale), lime, mint, banana, apple juice (or coconut water).


NEIL: Banana


PETE: Beetroot, Ginger and Pineapple


BREANNA: Avocado, banana which I have already frozen in pieces, spinach and whatever other frozen fruit I have with some chia seeds and milk.

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