Though hitting your happy weight is an important goal, weight loss isn’t the only healthy New Year’s resolution you can set.

We’ve compiled a list of healthy New Year’s resolutions that are easy to implement in the busyness of your everyday life and that will improve your health and lifestyle!

  • Schedule your work-outs in your calendar
  • Increase your daily water intake
  • Wear sunscreen every single time you go outside
  • Meal prep every Sunday
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Unplug from technology for a period of time each day
  • Start a food journal to track your diet
  • Conquer clutter by putting things away as you use them
  • Find a buddy to exercise with a few times per week
  • Embrace generosity


Here’s 3 New Year’s Resolutions we’ll definitely be implementing in 2019 and why!

Keeping a Food Journal:
A crucial step to changing unhealthy food habits is simply being aware of what you’re consuming on a daily basis. Writing down your goals and what you’re eating in your food journal will be eye-opening to what you are actually consuming. A 2011 study also found keeping a food diary doubled a person’s weight loss, so if you’re trying to slim down, keeping a personal account of your meals and snacks is an excellent first step.

Finding an Exercise Buddy:
Whether it’s a coworker, best friend, or family member, having an accountable partner who can either accompany you on your workouts or even just be there to encourage you when you feel like giving up is crucial. One study from the Dominican University of California found that more than 70% of participants successfully completed their goals when they had someone to exercise with and encourage.

Practice mindfulness through relaxation:
Mindfulness has been a hot topic in recent years, and that’s in large part because the associated health benefits range from decreased stress to increased focus. The relaxation massages at SPHC aid with de-stressing and unwinding, while loosening up the body. The massage consists of a gentle, smooth, flowing style whole body massage, that is both deeply relaxing and invigorating. This massage will ease away stress, fatigue and tension, increase circulation, improve sleep and promote wellness. This is a pain-free massage that you can enjoy at your chosen pressure.

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