Not everyone will experience soreness after Physiotherapy or Massage treatment, but some people do.


Why do we feel sore after treatment?

When the body’s joints and muscles become stiff and tight they are not moving as they should be and blood and lymphatic circulation to these areas becomes poor, usually resulting in pain, inflammation and dysfunction.

Physiotherapists use their skills to restore movement and function to stiff joints. This is called “mobilisation” and Massage therapists used techniques to stretch and release muscles that have become tight.

The soreness after treatment is a result of the required physical pressure used by the therapist to achieve proper movement and function to your joints and muscles. Blood and lymph circulation is also restored and this too may cause some soreness as your muscles flush out any stored bodily products. Your therapist will usually tell you when your condition requires a firmer treatment and that you may experience some soreness.


What is a normal amount of soreness?

Soreness is relative to the person experiencing it. Some people may feel more sore than others. Generally though, your muscles and joints might feel bruised and tender to touch. Soreness should only last a few days at the most.


How to treat your soreness:

  • Hot packs are great for soothing soreness after treatment, use for 10-15 minutes. Unless your therapist has recommended ice which is specific to your injury.
  • A warm shower or bath with bath salts will also help.
  • Avoid the activities that caused your pain in the first place, such as sitting at the computer for long periods, lifting heavy objects or training hard for sport.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep moving, this will help your muscles stay hydrated and increase your circulation.


Don’t hesitate to call and speak with your Therapist if you have any concerns about soreness after treatment. We are here to help.

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