Our April No Falls Campaign Continues!


The most important thing you should know about falls, is that they are preventable! We’ve set up some ‘Balance Tests’ for patients to do while in the waiting room. 


1. Damon demonstrating the one legged balance test, using his two arms extended at waist height for stability.

2. Simone is demonstrating another balance test by sitting on one of the chairs in the waiting room with a ball balancing on a clip board. She then slowly stands, maintaining her balance, so that the ball remains on the clip board while rising to her feet to stand.


Try out our balance tests next time you’re waiting in our clinic 🙂


We’ve compiled some tips from the National Campaign to help you stay on your feet:

  • wear safe footwear
  • eat a balanced diet
  • review medicines
  • manage toileting
  • check your walking aids
  • physical activity


Move, Improve, Remove

Move Your Body

  • build your balance
  • strengthen your legs

Improve Your Health

  • check your medicine
  • keep a healthy mind
  • fuel your body

Remove Hazards

  • make your home safer
  • check your eyesight
  • wear safe footwear


Hydrotherapy for Balance Improvement

If you’d like a more supportive environment to start your balance journey, Hydrotherapy is the place for you.

Exercising in water provides a natural resistance that you are in complete control over, all whilst in a warm and supportive environment.
Hydrotherapy is a great option for those whose osteoarthritis prevents them from participating in regular exercise, as it reduces joint loading.

Call our lovely reception staff on 38691099 to book in for your balance treatment during the month of our April No Falls month!