Our April No Falls Campaign Continues!


The most important thing you should know about falls, is that they are preventable! We’ve set up some ‘Balance Tests’ for patients to do while in the waiting room. 

While a lot of people think that falls are a normal part of getting old, we know otherwise. Balance can be improved with Physiotherapy by focusing on improving ankle flexibility, increasing lower limb strength and challenging the body systems that control balance.


Our Safe Step Classes

The classes will involve the following aspects:

  • walking over unstable surfaces
  • stepping up and down and over objects
  • reaching outside the client’s base of support
  • improving the client’s endurance
  • education will be given on hazards and preventing falls, along with techniques on how to get off the floor should a fall occur
  • exercises to do each day at home will be provided

The classes are coordinated and supervised by a Physiotherapist. To optimise safety and well being, the classes are limited to a small group of eight people. A balance assessment with the Physiotherapist is undertaken prior to commencement and on completion of the classes. DVA and Medicare eligible clients are bulk billed with a Doctors referral.


Facts about falls: 

  • falls are the most common cause of hospitalisation in persons over the age of 65 years
  • the risk of falling increases with age
  • most falls occur at home
  • falls are the major reason for older people deciding to move into residential care
  • most of the falls that occur at home are preventable
  • strengthening exercises reduce the risk of falls and the likelihood of fractures


Call our lovely reception staff on 38691099 to book in for your balance treatment during the month of our April No Falls month!